The cooperation within the POWER of 4 initiative concerns joint promotional activities, exchange of experiences between the venues and building a common client base. The essence of the agreement is a system of events rotation among the partners. Many events in Poland take place on a regular basis, but each time, the organisers assume that the event will be held in a different location. Thanks to the EVENT CARD, it is possible to collect data on the event, transfer it to a common database, and then, after the event takes place in a given venue, recommend another venue, which could host the next edition of the congress or conference.

This is the first agreement of its kind in Poland. Thanks to the cooperation between venues of similar size, it is possible to rotate clients and to cooperate with contractors on an ongoing basis. Acquiring an event by one of the partner facilities is connected with a potential realisation of the event in the following years in another venue. It is a long-term and forward-looking cooperation for many years to come.

The plan is to establish a coherent and joint plan for the promotion of all venues, joint trips to trade fairs, joint communication and marketing activities, as well as to establish cooperation with PCO companies, which will be able to sign long-term cooperation agreements with the organisers, ensuring the rotation of the events in partner cities.