Auditorium Hall | S1

Auditorium Hall | S1 >
The only “half-vineyard” hall in Poland!
Max. capacity 1915 pax
Stage area max. 340 m2
Equipment Sound system, lighting, screen and projector 15000 ansi / 4k

Theatre Hall | S2

Theatre Hall | S2 >
Multifunctional hall for nearly 600 people!
Max. capacity 594 pax
Stage area max 210 m2
Equipment Sound system, lighting, screen and projector 15000 ansi / 2k

Chamber Hall | S3

Chamber Hall | S3 >
Mobile acoustic wall allows to divede the hall!
Max. capacity 400 pax
Stage area 500 m2
Equipment Sound system, two screens and two 15000 ansi/2k projectors

Conference Hall Complex | S4

Conference Hall Complex | S4 >
Flexibility - that's the point
Max. capacity 350 pax
Stage area max. 500 m2
Equipment Flexibility, daylight access, sound, lighting, multimedia screen
Hello Kraków studio

Hybrid Studio | S5

Hybrid Studio | S5 >
Professionally prepared space with advanced technological capabilities for streaming a selected event.
Max. capacity -
Stage area 280 sqm
Equipment 5 HD studio cameras, 18 digital microphones, Studio lighting systems, two 55' viewing screens


Foyer >
Kraków's panorama at your fingertips
Max. capacity Contact with sales manager
Stage area max. 2650 m2
Equipment Daylight, Kraków's panorama, 3 levels
Theatre Boardroom Gala Dinner Simultaneous translation AV Equipment
Auditorium Hall | S1 1915 pax
Theatre Hall | S2 594 pax 200 pax 220 pax
Chamber Hall | S3 400/2×200 pax 60/2×50 pax 180 pax
Conference Hall Complex | S4 400/11×24 pax 60/11×12 pax 250 pax
Hybrid Studio | S5
ICE Kraków's plan
  • LEVEL 0
  • LEVEL 1
  • LEVEL 2
  • LEVEL 3
Auditorium Hall Theatre Hall Reception desk Information & Ticket office Meeting room Organisers' room Unloading ramp Cargo lift Lift Stairs Entrance First aid | Parens room Cloakroom Toilet
Auditorium Hall Theatre Hall Lift Toilet Catering area Entrance Stairs Multifunctional rooms Office space
Auditorium Hall Theatre Hall Vantage point Toilet Catering area Entrance Stairs Lift Cargo lift Multifunctional rooms Office space
Conference Hall Complex Chamber Hall Toilet Catering area Catering area Entrance Stairs Lift Cargo lift Multifunctional rooms
About ICE Kraków
The ICE Kraków Congress Centre is a state-of-the-art, multifunctional venue in the very heart of Kraków. It has been described as the finest setting hosting business and cultural events in Małopolska since 2014.

The well-connected venue has four main halls: the Auditorium (capacity 1915), the Theatre Hall (capacity 600), the Chamber Hall (capacity 300) and the Conference Room Complex (capacity 400). ICE Kraków also has extensive infrastructure and boasts a glazed, three-storey foyer offering stunning views over Wawel Castle, the Vistula River and the Kazimierz district, providing comfortable space for a total 3200 visitors to myriad events.

ICE Kraków is well-suited to hosting business meetings such as congresses, conferences, corporate events and product launches, as well as cultural events including festivals, concerts, spectacles, galas, exhibitions and community projects.

Take a virtual tour of ICE Kraków

ICE Kraków virtual tour
Marii Konopnickiej 17, 30-302 Kraków 
By public transit? By bike? By your own car? By taxi? Or maybe by plane? The ICE Kraków Congress Centre is located in the very heart of Krakow, opposite the Wawel Castle, next to one of the main transport hubs. You can reach the venue by car from Krakow Airport, train and bus stations, as well as from any other part of Krakow. 

The Congress Centre is surrounded by a special traffic hub, including ground-level car parks, a bus stop, bicycle parking and a two-storey underground car park for 329 cars. 

With environment in mind, we recommend using the services of public transit. The nearest stop can be found only 50 meters away from ICE Kraków.
Practical info
Additional services and areas
> unloading ramp serving (4 quarters) & cargo lift
> parking space for technical vehicles (TV and radio)
> 3 refreshment points – 2 bars and a restaurant
> additional catering service possible on levels F0, F1, F2 and H3
> organisers’ offices,
> reception areas, cloakrooms, ticket offices,
> two-level underground car park for 335 cars
VIP area
> VIP area with independent outside access
> VIP salon
> up to 1200 headphone receivers for simultaneous translation
> simultaneous interpreting booths built into rooms
> official caterer,
> experienced catering provider
More info   >
Operator - KRAKÓW5020
Kraków5020 was established as a response to the socio-economic changes taking place in the modern world. Kraków as a city has the potential to become the capital of congresses, fairs and conferences from all over the world, and the company was established precisely to take advantage of this potential.

Kraków5020 is a municipal company, established by a resolution of the Kraków City Council. As a result of changing relationships in a world full of dependencies, entire marketing concepts and strategies, systems built over the years for promoting cities, attracting tourists and business are changing. The environment is changing, completely new threats and risks are emerging, and the expectations of residents and the tasks of local governments towards them are also changing. Kraków5020 monitors the trends and directions of change and is engaged in comprehensive city image building, management and promotion, in cooperation with many entities from different fields. We have the right tools to operate effectively among other municipal units and entities in similar tasks, but on a broader scale, according to changing, sometimes rapidly changing, circumstances.
Kraków5020 strengthens Kraków's brand in the world as a European metropolis, open and tolerant, attractive to talented people; a city of world cultural heritage and a thriving academic center. Institutions and companies engaged in comprehensive image management operate in Europe's largest cities - London, Hamburg, Brussels, Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam and Madrid. Kraków 5020 takes their experience as a starting point, creating innovative solutions for our city.

The company's goal is to involve Kraków in the realization of events of international, scientific, cultural and sports significance, to join in the development of business and religious tourism, as well as to create conditions for the location in Kraków of prestigious institutions and headquarters of large domestic and foreign enterprises, and to attract cultural and business partners for a city in which about 15% of the population lives from tourism and related services. The operation of the Kraków5020 is to enable the city's business success and the economic success that goes with it, the beneficiaries of which will be all Kraków's residents - not just those who work in the tourism, hotel or catering industries. Profits for Kraków mean more tax revenue for the city's coffers, and these translate into a better quality of life here - including better sidewalks, streets, investments in nurseries or kindergartens, and functional public transportation.

The Kraków5020 grew out of the experience of the team of people who once formed the Krakow Festival Office, a leader in cultural activities not only in the city and region, but also on a national scale. The company uses a number of tools to operate, including its own brands and partnerships. The company's own brands are the ICE Kraków Congress Center and the hybrid studio located there, our innovative project, thanks to which ICE Kraków is among the world's leading conference centers. Such studios in venues are a new post-pandemic standard now being implemented around the world - a move that is in line with the recommendation of the global meetings industry body ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association). Other brands include the city's VOD platform PLAY KRAKÓW, PLAY KRAKÓW NEWS, and a concept store in the Wyspiański Pavilion. They are also implemented in the ICE Classic Congress Center and a series of events Good Morning ICE Kraków, Slow Saturday known to Kraków residents or a series of CSR actions. Partnerships implemented by the Kraków5020 include the Kraków Network and Power of 4. Projects to be implemented at a later date include the InfoKraków Official City Information Network, which is being prepared for acquisition. It is also, in the somewhat further future, the Planeta Lem Center for Literature and Language.